Troubleshooting Guide

Have you tried logging into the Start Offers portal? Using the official links we have provided below is the easiest way to do this. We ensure all of our links are always up-to-date, so whenever you need to log into Home Bargains, you can always be sure you are using the most current version.

If you want to register on the Home Bargains portal, there is a very easy way to do so. Many websites offer complicated ways to do this. However, there is a much simpler way.

Problem Resolving Guide

  • Here is the official link to the Home Bargains portal login page. When you click on the link, it will open in a new tab, which will allow you to read the guide and follow the troubleshooting steps if necessary.
  • Just log in with your access data. You must have received it from the Home Bargains Portal, during registration, or from the Home Bargains Portal authority.
  • You will now receive a “Connection successful” message. Your Home Bargains account has been successfully logged into.
  • You will find the instructions in the following paragraphs helpful to you if you do not know how to log into the Home Bargains Portal.
  • At any time. Make sure that you have a reliable and active internet connection. If you don’t, you may experience unexpected errors such as timeouts.
  • Therefore, make sure all the information you enter before proceeding is accurate. If there is an option to display your password, use it. As long as no one can see your password.
  • Make sure CAPS LOCK is disabled.
  • If you are still unable to access the site, you can clear the cache and cookies. Our guide to this can be found here, with instructions for the most popular web browsers.
  • Turn off any Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) you use. Some websites block specific countries or publish IP addresses.
  • If you’re not using a VPN and have a good connection, you may have forgotten your password. Follow the instructions to recover your password here.
  • If you are still having problems and cannot access your account, please get in touch with us, and we will help you.